Every top bank executive I speak to says the current troubles in the financial system could lead to something on the scale of what went down in 2008. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
"He can run but he can’t hide,” legendary boxer Joe Louis once said about an opponent. These days, the same thing might be said about the president of the United States. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden is an idiot, thief, and liar.
CNN news anchor Erin Burnett admitted that evidence revealing that the Biden family received over a million dollars from accounts linked to Hunter Biden’s Chinese business dealings does not “look good” for the president’s family. On her CNN program “Erin Burnett OutFront,” Burnett was discussing financial records revealing members of the Biden family payment from... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The truth is finally being exposed.


Much of the U.S. gets bitterly cold temperatures Saturday and Sunday, ahead of spring's arrival Monday. California faces its 12th atmospheric river.       USA Today
Consumer Reports found that many store brands are typically cheaper and taste just as good as name brands.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: They are basically the same.
Women are outnumbered 5 to 1 in senior leadership, according to a USA TODAY analysis of top executive officers at the nation's 100 largest companies.       USA Today
Ford is recalling 1,280,726 vehicles, specifically 2013-2018 Ford Fusion and 2013-2018 Lincoln MKZ sedans, for a brake hose issue that can cause the leakage of brake fluid. Washington Times
At the height of the global pandemic, the Pentagon in August 2021 decreed that all U.S. troops must get the COVID-19 vaccine, then launched a logistical push to get the shot to every service member stationed anywhere in the world. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The madness is simmering.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating an outbreak of hepatitis A infections that may be linked to frozen organic strawberries. ABC
VOA VIEW: Be careful.


Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon signed a bill banning medication abortions into law on Friday, becoming the first state to do so. ABC
During an exclusive sit-down interview, Pence said he's "taken aback" at the prospect of a possible indictment and arrest of former President Donald Trump. ABC
VOA VIEW: A foolish political move.
Trump attorney Susan Necheles told CBS News that this is speculation from the former president. CBS
The counterfeit medications were tainted with substances including fentanyl and methamphetamine, the department said. CBS
VOA VIEW: No one should use any medication from Mexico.

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Judge Reggie Walton said it's "scary" moving forward, knowing Jan. 6, 2021, isn't just something in the past. CBS
VOA VIEW: All should fear the loss of American democracy.
"BlackRock is not participating in any plans to acquire all or any part of Credit Suisse, and has no interest in doing so," a company spokesperson told CNBC. CNBC
Chairman Jerome Powell and his fellow central bankers will want to signal that it's important to continue the fight to bring down inflation. CNBC


Retailers and trade groups say organized retail crime has been on the rise, but the problem is far murkier than they've made it seem. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Crime has gone crazy because of liberals and socialists.
The House Financial Services Committee will hold the first in a series of hearings on the failures of SVB and Signature Bank at the end of March. CNBC
VOA VIEW: It will be interesting.
One of the reasons why companies are having so much trouble finding tech talent is that they don't have the right approaches in place. CNBC
The world's oceans are polluted by a "plastic smog" made up of an estimated 171 trillion plastic particles that if gathered would weigh around 2.3 million tons, according to a new study. CNN
VOA VIEW: Madness!
The bottled water industry is a juggernaut. More than 1 million bottles of water are sold every minute around the world and the industry shows no sign of slowing down, according to a new report. Global sales of bottled water are expected to nearly double by 2030. CNN

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The Biden administration has approved the massive Willow oil drilling project in Alaska, angering climate advocates and setting the stage for a court challenge. CNN
The French government has forced through controversial plans to raise the country's retirement age from 62 to 64, a move that is sparking protest movements around the country. CNN's Sam Kiley has the details. CNN
A Louisiana convicted child rapist was sentenced to serve 35-years in prison and must be chemically castrated when he's eventually released. FOX News

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday visited the Ukrainian province of Crimea, on the anniversary of the illegal annexation of the region by Russia in 2014.= UPI
North Korea claimed on Saturday that 800,000 young citizens had volunteered to enlist in the military to fight the United States. UPI
VOA VIEW: NK is looking to be crushed like the bug it is.
President Joe Biden says the International Criminal Court arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin is "justified" even though the United States does not recognize its authority. UPI
VOA VIEW: A meaningless undertaking.
The leaders of Japan and Germany on Saturday agreed to continue their sanctions on Russia, provide assistance for Ukraine and cooperate on critical raw materials. UPI
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
House GOP leaders rebuffed requests by Capitol Police to review security footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, attacks before the material was released to Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, a new court filing indicates. UPI
VOA VIEW: The truth is being exposed.

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